Used Mahindra tractors are often the best bang for the buck, as you’ll see. Whether you have a farm, ranch or are a property owner with chores needing completion, maybe buying pre-owned is the best choice. Around the Stephenville TX area, Hendershot Equipment has a large line up of both new and used Mahindra tractors. As shown below, here are a couple of inventory examples plus some thoughts about buying used tractors. Read below for more information.  Used Mahindra Tractors

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Mahindra tractors are best suited for both farm and non-farm applications. So therefore, they are built with heavy-duty frames which translate to safety and better traction. Here are some used Mahindra tractors for sale at Stephenville TX dealerships.

Mahindra 1533 Rops Tractor

The Mahindra 1533 tractor is designed for light and medium applications. It generates 34.5 HP, making it a suitable choice for most farm operations. The best in class features include independent PTO, constant mesh transmission, wet disc brakes, and hydrostatic steering. Other specifications are:

  • Engine RPM 540@2376
  • 4×4 MFWD 4WD
  • Attachments – front-end loader and backhoe
  • Rear arms telescopic stabilizers

Mahindra 1538 HST

This machine offers added operator comfort and delivers 38.7HP. You’ll see, what makes this tractor unique is the cab features. Additionally, it gives excellent headroom and clear 360-degree view. Other key specifications include:

  • HST 3 ranges transmission
  • 4 cylinders
  • Full live hydraulic with position control
  • 7.7 gallons of fuel capacity
  • 3-point linkage with telescopic stabilizers

What to look for when shopping used Mahindra tractors locally:

  • Hours
  • Oil
  • Tires
  • Grease points

Check the hours

Tractor age is measured by the number of hours the engine has done the work. This goes together with how well it has been maintained. When you walk to the dealership, you should ask how the owner has used the tractor. If a tractor has worked for 1000-2000 hours, it’s still young. But if it has done 4000 hours, it’s getting close to major repairs.

Check the oil

The oil filters can be accessed without opening the hood. If the exterior is covered with oil, then that’s a sign of a leak. You should also pay attention to the color of the oil. If it’s white-brown color, water is entering through the exhaust pipe, which is a sign of a serious mechanical issue.

Check the tires

Even if you’re buying a used machine, you should ensure you get the right tires. Be sure to measure the tread depth and ensure there are no missing parts of rubber, for instance.  But be sure to look at the rims too – they shouldn’t be rusty.

Look at the grease points

All the grease points of a tractor can be identified from the manual. If these areas look dry, greasing is not done often. In short, you’ll want to be sure proper maintenance exists.

Benefits of shopping locally

  • Easier to follow-up

While driving your tractor can be a lot of fun, that doesn’t mean that you want to take long drives to the dealership when it develops a problem. You could be returning to the dealership for repair issues, scheduled maintenance, or installing add-ons. Additionally, the local dealer can be more accommodating to offer the services at the comfort of your farm. As you see, you’ll also have peace of mind when the dealership is around the corner.

  • Building a long-term relationship

You can’t go wrong when you choose to work with a local dealer. With time, he will get to know the requirements for your tractor. Furthermore, local dealerships can give coupons, cost-saving to customers.

If your budget doesn’t accommodate a new tractor, a used one can be a great option. When buying your first used machine, you should work with the best dealer in Stephenville TX.

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