Hendershot Equipment, in the Dallas Fort Worth area, offers various new tractor packages with varying engine capacities ranging from 24.5 to 55hp. However, these machines are not only suitable for agriculture but also construction work. Many residents of Dallas Fort Worth are farmers who engage in large scale commercial agriculture. Also, many often have need of a package to be ready for both residential and commercial projects.

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Furthermore, they are full of features and suitable for any task that requires a hard-wearing compact tractor. With this equipment, you can be sure of high performance, smooth control and incredible power. Below are some of the top tractor packages available at this dealership:


This midrange tractor comes with a 24.5 horsepower engine, which is suitable for doing light farming chores and also gardening. It similarly features dual-transmission systems that improve performance, which include the 9 x 3 synchronized gear console and reverse-gear with triple shift. There are also a few special models with three-range hydrostatic (HST) transmission control system, which makes it easier to maneuver the machine through all types of terrain.

In terms of speed, KIOTI CK2610 HS can manage an average of 16.6 mph on forward drive, and 14.94 mph on reverse gear. Not only that, but the machine also has Common Rail (CR) injection technology which provides fuel efficiency and quiet operation.

As for the cabin, it has a suspension seat which easily adjusts to fit the operator’s weight. Additionally,  the deck boasts ergonomic color-coded levers and handles which improve the driver’s comfort and experience.

Kioti CK2610  

new tractor packages dallas fort worthIt’s a durable and compact tractor is available in multiple engine capacities ranging from 45 to 55hp. Despite its incredible power, the high-performance machine still operates smoothly without producing too much noise.

Likewise, the machine comes with tandem gear-type hydraulic pumps which deliver a triple-point hitch, and an average lifting capacity of 1,631lbs.

Hendershot Equipment offers the residents of Dallas Fort Worth quality new tractor packages to complete any agricultural task you may have. These machines are suitable for plowing, digging and lifting chores. Plus. they can be fitted with attachments such as loaders and snow blowers to further extend their many uses. 

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