Case Tractors for Sale Stephenville TXWith the spring and the summer months coming to Stephenville, it is time to plow the fields and prepare the ranch for another season of outdoor work. But those deer, antelope, and cattle just won’t feed themselves and those fields won’t tend to themselves. You need horsepower, you
need durability; you need a Case. Power and reliability are just as Texan as the Alamo and Sam Houston. You are in luck because there are Case Tractors for sale in Stephenville Texas!

Now, I suppose you might be scratching your head wondering why you need a new tractor. I mean, Old Betsy has been tending to these fields for years and did right by my Pa and so it should still do right by me. However, times are changing, fuel costs are uncertain, you need the strength and reliability of a high-powered, fuel-efficient beast for your fields and Case tractors offers a little something for anything your field operations need.

Here is What Case Offers in its Tractors

• Steiger Series is Case’s line of tractors that has seven models to choose from and they come with the patented Selective Catalytic Reduction technology that is setting new industry records for more fuel-efficient power. The newest additions to the Steiger family have the option of both track and wheeled configurations to fit your needs.

• Magnum Series boasts nine models and is designed as the industry’s ultimate mix of massive horsepower and optimal fuel efficiency all while being available in wheel or track configurations.

• Optum Series with two models is a line of high powered all-purpose tractors that delivers the maximum amount of horsepower you need for larger jobs involving tillage tools and planters. The Optum series also easily has enough power for those forage and high-volume hay operations.

• Puma Series with six models to choose from is an efficient, multi-purpose tractor series designed with the right power and size to handle a variety of tasks.

• Maxxum Series with five amazing models deliver the high-horsepower technology and features all packaged into the hardworking, versatile machine you need.

• Farmall Series with nine models in the series are durable and versatile all while being easy to use.

High Power and Efficiency

With ranches as big as the sky over Texas, it is important that you pick the beast of burden that is both high powered and efficient to fit your field operations from day one. Ranches need a hand that can work in all weather and all kinds of heat. Let’s face it, any Texan knows there are three seasons in Texas; Football Season, Hunting Season and Growing Season, and we try very hard not to have one interfere with the other.

There are also benefits to buying your Case here in Stephanville as opposed to Dallas, Houston or San Antonio.

• Fast service, buy it here in the morning and have the tractor at work by lunch time

• Knowledgeable sales staff, just like the chips commercial, you don’t want advice on how to tend your fields by people in New York City, and you want people who know what they are doing.

• After the sale support, the reason we love rural lifestyles here in Texas is because we know everyone. And we know that a hometown dealer is going to be here for years, and even Old Betsy still gets service from the dealer’s here local even decades after her purchase.

Buying a tractor should never be a complicated ordeal. You want to get in, enjoy a cup of coffee while you choose your tractor and go on about your life. The only time there should be drama in your ranch house is when the Texans and the Cowboys play. Call us or stop by today!

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