A genuine Case IH parts dealer really is the best bet for maintaining your equipment investment!  At Hendershot Equipment, we pride ourselves on having the right part at the time you need it. As you know, farming is a business of good timing. When we get things done on the right schedule, we have the best possible chance of a successful crop. As the time approaches for tilling, planting, spraying, or harvesting, we typically log a lot of hours getting equipment ready for the work ahead.   genuine Case IH parts dealer

Unfortunately, sometimes all that preparation just isn’t enough, and some component somewhere on a tractor or implement gives out, leaving us high and dry. It can be a recipe for disaster, because even a few lost hours can mean we miss a good window for getting work done.

Farmers around Stephenville and Decatur TX know what to do when this situation emerges. Hendershot Equipment stocks certified genuine Case IH parts and have the knowledge and experience to guide you through repairs, or to do them in their shop.

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Keep The Farm on Schedule With Quick Service for Parts:

  • Minimizing Downtime
  • Keeping Exchanges Simple
  • Accessing Credible Advice

Minimize Downtime

Your first thought when a breakdown occurs is the time you are losing. Limping the broken tractor or combine back to the shop and then heading to town for parts. UGH, this will put you under pressure right off the bat, so you will always want the fastest possible turnaround at the parts store. No diversions to another dealer in another town, no backorders. Just the parts you need in stock and then head back to the farm, fast.

Keep Exchanges Simple

When you’ve put in a few years working on farm equipment, you can usually diagnose the problem as soon as it starts. First, you know what parts you need, so you go ahead and send someone for them while you get started tearing it down.

Next, you get to the heart of the matter and find out your instincts were wrong. (This usually takes place about the time the new parts arrive.) When you buy parts with Hendershot Equipment, you’re buying locally and cutting down the road time for that second trip. At the same time, the exchange process is accurate and fast–even when your diagnosis wasn’t.

Get Credible Advice

There are plenty of sources of information out there, but not all of them are good ones. When your crop is on the line, you barely have time to make the repair once, much less two or three times. Working with Hendershot Equipment will help you get a better repair in several ways.

  • They’ll make sure you walk out with the correct part for your tractor, combine, or implement.
  • Advice for you of any special considerations for installation that could save time, improve performance, and increase safety.
  • Additionally, they can put their hands and tools to work for you if your own hands lack the skills or time.

Your time matters, whether it’s planting, harvesting or doing maintenance. When a breakdown catches you off guard, the whole schedule is on the line. Farmers around Stephenville and Decatur TX know the place to go when the only thing between them and a finished job is fast access to Case IH parts, and that place is Hendershot Equipment.


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