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While there are many kinds of mowers in the market today, zero-turn mowers stand out as the best choice for either commercial or residential applications. At Hendershot Equipment, you’ll find a wide selection from which to choose. Not only that, Hendershot has excellent help available for you in the area of sales, parts, service and finance. Stop on by to get started mowing faster and more efficiently.

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Hustler Zero Turn MowersProfessional landscapers and those purchasing for residential purposes prefer zero-turn mowers over other types of mowers. As the name suggests, the turning radius of these mowers is zero. They usually have two levers for controlling the motors instead of a steering wheel. Each of the rear wheels has a motor.

In this article, we will share with you six reasons why you should choose zero-turn mowers over other types of mowers. The reasons include:

  • Mows Faster
  • Lower Fuel Consumption
  • Improved Maneuverability
  • Spend Less Time Trimming Your Yard
  • Cleaner Job
  • Durable

Zero-Turns Mow Faster

You can mow your lawn much faster with zero-turn mowers. Most of them are known to finish the job in up to half the time of conventional mowers. Also, the improved maneuverability plays a vital role in shortening the time you will require to mow your lawn. Thus, since you will be able to move around obstacles like trees, shrubs, and flower beds the work goes faster

Lower Fuel Consumption

Whether you are concerned about the environment or just do not want to spend so much cash on gas, you will appreciate the fuel economy of these mowers. Additionally, you will use less fuel on the activity since you will spend less time mowing your lawn.

Improved Maneuverability

Each of the rear wheels has a motor. These motors allow for maximum maneuverability. You can use levers to control every wheel independently. Therefore, this enables you to move in any direction and control the direction and speed of every wheel independently.

Spend Less Time Trimming Your Yard

Better maneuverability makes it possible for you to cut grass as close as possible to the obstacles. Therefore, you will spend less time trimming edges with hand tools after mowing your lawn. As you’ll see, it’s easier to achieve a cleaner look with less effort and in less time.

Cleaner Job

If you are looking for the best results on a mow job, then a zero-turn mower is the best solution for you. Additionally, these mowers have a higher blade tip speed. That means, they’ll cut grass more evenly and therefore leave a better-looking landscape than other types of mowers.

Zero-Turns Are More Durable

You will work the engine on your machine for a much shorter time since you spend less time on finishing your work. Therefore, the wear and tear on your engine will be much less than with other mowers. As a result, your mower will last much longer.

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