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Buying used tractors can be a critical decision, as it largely determines the efficiency of different tasks. If buying a brand new tractor is beyond your budget, you should consider the quality and value of used tractors. At Hendershot Equipment we have professional staff to help with your decision.

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It’s important that you inspect the tractor even if you have a general idea of what you’re looking for. Here are a few inspection tips to help verify that you have a worthwhile investment:

  • Check the engine compartment
  • Check the articulation point
  • Inspect Power-take-off shaft (PTO)
  • Hydraulic power
  • Body and tires
  • Supporting documentation

Check the Engine Compartment

Just like other farm equipment, you should make sure the engine is working effortlessly. Start it up and check out for any leaks from the hydraulics or cracked fuel lines. Next, locate the engine plate and identify the amount of horsepower. Of course, the engine should meet the emission standards in Texas.

Check the Articulation Point

This is considered the major moving part of a used tractor and is usually greased. Conduct both operational and visual inspection of the articulation point to ensure its working flawlessly. If you find metal shards, that’s a red flag the tractor is not well-maintained. To start with, turn the steering back and forth and check for any looseness. This could mean the main pin is damaged and needs to be replaced. And if the steering is too tight, this could signify the pins need to be greased. For operation inspection, move the tractor back and forth. If there is a knock, the transmission slip could be in a mess.

Inspect Power-take-off shaft (PTO)

This involves anything that has a mechanical drive – from augers to manure spreaders. You should ensure the PTO has the correct specifications for all the attachments you may want to run. This could mean better capacity to handle any job and fuel economy. Also, listen to any weird noises from the running output shaft. PTO repairs are expensive, so you should pay attention to this area.

Hydraulic Power

Any leaks in the hydraulics could mean there is damage to the outlets. Make sure the attachments are running as you inspect the auxiliary and hydraulic lines. A good tractor should have enough outlets and lines to run for at least one year.

Body and Tires

Peeling paint and bulging tires are signs of a poorly-maintained tractor. Depending on the type of tractor, replacing the tires could cost you a lot of money. Be sure to measure the tread depth and then compare with what the manufacturer recommends. This will give you an idea of how much life is left in the tires.

Supporting Documentation

Perhaps this is the most important part when looking to buy used tractors in the Decatur TX or Stephenville TX areas. The seller should supply;

  • The logbook
  • The inspection lists
  • Maintenance logs
  • Work orders

These documents will give a valuable insight into the specific applications of use for the tractor and the type of repairs.

If you live in Texas and you’re planning to buy a used tractor, this simple guide will help you make an informed decision.

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