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New generation tractors are technologically advanced and user-friendly to handle all operations seamlessly. Generally, here are some of the best Case IH tractors for sale:

Steiger Series

This tractor has a proven record for productivity and performance.  Firstly, it comes with CVX Drive transmission and delivers up to 620 HP – the highest in the industry. With this kind of power, you can be sure the tractor can handle any kind of terrain. Secondly, the tractor selects the most efficient transmission range that matches your speed. Whether you’re planting, spraying, or seeding, you have complete control over the inputs.

In terms of operating range, Steiger is rated at 2100 RPM. Thus, less downshifting requirements in tough field conditions. Additionally, Case IH tractors pay close attention to fuel efficiency. For this model, you can enjoy up to 600 hours between oil changes. The Steiger Series features a 4-track design which gives outstanding traction. You can use this model for farming and specialty applications like:

  • Secondary tillage
  • Planting and seeding
  • Silage packing
  • Nutrient application

Magnum Series

The magnum series offers the perfect combination of power and fuel efficiency. Not to mention, it gives industry-best turning radius to tackle the hardest agricultural applications. Looking at speed, this model can travel up to 25 mph for all track widths (18, 21, and 30 inches). Besided, it’s engine gives class-leading horsepower.

Just like other Case IH tractors, this model has 7 different crop settings and can be customize to fit any row spacing. On the other hand, it excels when it comes to comfort. It comes with an adjustable armrest- you can adjust the gears and speed without raising your elbow.

Optum Series

This is an all-purpose tractor for larger tillage tools. It’s design meets customer needs for dimensions, hydraulic capacity, power, and comfort. With this kind of flexibility, the Optum series can perform most farm applications. It comes with a 6.7L engine for the toughest field conditions. At low speed, the engine will idle to conserve fuel.

Some of the eye-catching CVX Drive features include:

  • Double clutch technology
  • 4 forward ranges and 2 reverse ranges
  • Automatic range shift

The Optum series has a multi-control armrest that allows the operator to control all functions. What’s more, the seat comes in fabric or leather for optimal comfort.

Puma Series

The design of this model handles dairy and mixed crop operations. It uses selective catalytic technology which improves fuel economy, engine responsiveness, and durability. The 6.7L engine delivers 240 HP and has a working speed of 2,200 rpm.

Apart from that, it comes with an anti-stop feature – in handy in steep slopes. You can use it for operations requiring frequent starts and stops.

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