Improve your equipment’s efficiency with Grapple Buckets for sale in Stephenville TX . If you need quality attachments to help with heavy lifting and digging work, then Hendershot Equipment is the premier supplier of Grapple Buckets in the region.  Hendershot Grapple Buckets For Sale Stephenville TX

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We offer various types of grapple buckets from different brands at Hendershot Equipment. They also come in multiple designs such as compact and raked grapples among others. Below are some of the common models you can find at the dealership:

Stump Bucket Xtreme Duty

stump buckets for sale Stephenville TXThis hard wearing attachment is designed for digging out roots, trenches and removing stumps. It comes with a CNC plasma-cut serrated edge that can cut through the hardest surfaces with extreme ease. Not to mention, the sturdy broken-out top matrix gusset which straddles across the entire hitch.

Xtreme Duty buckets are also available in low capacity (LC) and high capacity (HC) models, including some with low-profile lengthened bottom sections.

82-inch Skeleton Bucket with Rock Grapple

grapple buckets for sale Stephenville TXThis one is a sturdy bucket for lifting materials on the construction site such as sand and gravel. But also to include aggressive landscaping works like sifting, sorting and scooping rocks as well as mining. This equipment’s advanced grapple fitting also improves the efficiency of the skeleton container.

Furthermore, its tough frame provides durability for handling most jobs, even in extreme conditions. Plus it also comes with a convenient 3 x 3” steel tubing, including a half-inch extreme duty Grapple steel. Users will appreciate the in-built step found within the bucket’s center, which allows for simple, zero-slip access to your skid steer. Other benefits of this equipment are as follows:

  • Robust powder-coat finish
  • Open tine base for filtering debris
  • Replaceable teeth
  • 8-inch stroke suspension tubes

Worx Duty Root Grapple Bucket

This convenient loader attachment is useful for removal of materials like rocks, roots and general cleanup of construction sites. The tool is also available in multiple models of 66, 73, 78 and 84-inches capable of handling both light and heavy-duty tasks. This grapple bucket is ideal for tractor loaders with engine capacity of 51 to 100 horsepower.

Moreover, with its moderately lightweight 1,266 lbs, high-strength steel body it can handle even the heaviest loads without feeling unnecessarily bulky. The manufacturers also recently brought on a new model with a larger 37-inch opening and 5-inch cylinders. This delivers 20% more clamping force than the standard dual-hydraulic cylinder model.

To summarize, Henderson Equipment offers durable Grapple Buckets for sale which can be useful for heavy lifting, shoving and digging tasks. These tools are commonly helpful in breaking and transporting rocks in a construction site, as well as removing overgrown roots and many other tough tasks.

Grapple Buckets for sale in Stephenville TX

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