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The Hustler FasTrak mower is a powerful machine for cutting grass on larger lawns, rough terrain and complex properties. In addition, it has a stable deck that can mow large amounts of grass at a time. That way, you can finish off your mowing chore in record time. This machine can be found at a local Hustler FasTrak mowers dealer.  Here are some of its features:

  • Massive all-terrain tires
  • Detachable floor pan
  • Comfortable seat rest
  • Multiple engine options
  • Heavy-duty construction

Massive all-terrain tires –  The mower’s huge rubber tires allow for a smooth ride. They can handle any environment that you put them through. These tires measure an impressive 22-inches in diameter.

Detachable floor pan – The base area is removable. This allows easy access to fix any broken parts or for cleaning and maintenance purposes.


Comfortable seat rest – This machine comes fitted with a plush 20-inch high-back seat that provides the driver extra comfort.  Comfortable even when moving through bumpy surfaces. Furthermore, it has a complete mechanical suspension system. It helps to protect the operator from sharp elevations. Additionally, a premium EVC cushion that helps to ease off pressure from the operator’s lower back.


Multiple engine options available – Hustler FasTrak is one of the few mowers which is available in two powerful engine options.

Heavy-duty construction – This machine is built to last with a robust commercial-grade wholly welded, cylindrical frame. Inside there’s up to 60-inches of deck space available for the operator to fit comfortably.

Apart from the features above, there are also several attachments which fit onto the mower to improve its performance. Some of these include:

Hustler FasTrak mowers dealer

  • Flex Forks – Convenient front-caster forks absorb extra shock when the machine is in operation. Thus, giving the mower a much smoother cut, especially when moving through rough surfaces at top speeds.


  • Light Kit – With this device, you can extend your working hours late into the night as it provides sufficient lighting to complete any mowing you may want to do during this period. Plus, the light kit features 2 top-quality, 12 volt lights that come complete with a control switch fitted on the instrument board.


  • Mulch Kit – This accessory allows you to reprocess foliage clippings back into ground, so as to provide essential nutrients for your yard.


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