Hustler lawn mower brand means performance and reliability. Do you plan to attempt to start that old mower you’ve been fighting or look to see what’s new? Are you thinking push mowers, riding mowers or zero turn mowers? For the most part, each model serves a different purpose depending on the amount of lawn you have to mow and how fast you want it done. Hendershot Equipment is ready with expert advice from professionals who understand your needs and truly want to help.

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Hustler lawn mower

It’s Your Time and Your Lawn!

Spring and summer are once again upon us my lawn warrior friends, so it is time to bring your tillers and mowers out of their hibernation and prepare to march on the enemy of beautiful landscaping. It is time for the weeds to die. Yes, friends, it is time to march; break out those riding and push mowers, call for the tillers and edgers, tonight we mow in Texas!

But what’s that you say? Is your mower on its last wheel? Your tillers and edgers are rusting away beyond their prime? Maybe it is better to march onto the field of battle with new troops. And what better place to get those implements of weed wars than to buy your lawn mowers here locally in Texas?

There are some pretty good reasons to buy a Hustler lawn mower locally:

  • Knowledgeable sales staff
  • Speedy service and delivery
  • Customer support after the sale

Speedy service and delivery

Buying from a local Decatur or Stephenville lawn equipment dealer means that you don’t have to wait on delivery. Being local, you can take it with you or arrange delivery. That means you can pick out your noble mowing steed this morning and lead the charge against unkempt lawns and weeds this afternoon. Yeah, you can shop online at 2 AM for a bargain, but really, do you want to wait the 4-6 weeks for it to arrive?

Knowledgeable Hustler Lawn Mower Sales Staff

Not all lawns are created equal. Region by region every lawn varies. That means that when looking for the right mower online, the chat box you are talking to or the description you are reading under that awesome looking mower may not be worth the electrons it took to transmit the information. Lawns in Phoenix, Arizona or Sacramento, California will not require the same care as yours in Stephenville or Decatur Texas.

I mean in Phoenix you are probably mowing sand, and in Sacramento you are hoping to finish mowing before the smog hits you. A local sales staff will not only know what is best for your lawn in the form of fertilizer and water times, but whether or not you need the zero turn radius mower or a more simple push mower.

Customer support after the sale

Be honest, the online stores you waited days and days (how many inches of grass grew during that time) to receive a response when you bought the lawn mower. Additionally, you have it in your yard and it is in a million parts. Thus, it’s waiting for you to decipher the assembly instructions, what are the chances that you will receive a helpful response before the leaves fall? Therefore, I would not hold my breath.

Buying locally means that you will receive answers to your questions even well into the next mowing season. From the little things such as, what is the blade height recommended to can I mow down that tree stump, local dealers are usually more willing and capable of answering your questions.

So rejoice! Finding a Hustler lawn mower here locally in Texas is a smart choice to make.

Hustler Lawn Mower Is Known for Performance and Reliability

Save Yourself Some Time!

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