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Any good gardener worth their salt knows how to take excellent care of their lawn and garden. No matter what your location, whether in Decatur, TX or in other parts, maintaining a green lawn is a way of life. Every day there’s something to do and tasks to perform. Mowing, mulching and snow-blowing in the colder months are a part of crucial lawn maintenance. In other words, you can’t be left without a dependable lawn mower sitting in your garage.

Homeowners want to be sure  their lawns stay green and present an outdoor carpet-like appeal. A properly mowed lawn is the first sign of a healthy home or a thriving business environment. Lawns get the best type of mowing treatment when an excellent lawn mower such as a zero turn Hustler lawn mower leads the charge.

Hustler lawn mower

The Secret To A Successful Lawn

Not many homeowners know that cutting the grass too short can lead to detrimental effects. The grass is stressed; likewise, the leaves that feed the soil are now in short supply. Cutting too short can also lead to bald, uneven patches or even an unexpected proliferation of pesky weeds. But how does one cut the grass for optimal, healthy growth and appearance?

It’s not enough that you should mow the lawn regularly. The proper length of cutting and the frequency should be considered as well. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have the right type of lawn equipment. Optimal cutting leads to a healthier grass growth, which in turn leads to better roots and less consumption of resources. An excellent lawn mower churns out an efficient job which in turn leads to the best possible outcome. Moreover, a fantastic lawn mower makes it easier to mow the lawn and make the task quite enjoyable for the gardener.

How Often Should I Mow The Lawn?

The frequency depends on the grass type of your lawn. Each one has an ideal cutting height to follow. The growth depends on several factors, such as:

  • Time Of Year. Warm-season grasses grow quickly during the hot summer seasons, and cool-season grasses grow quickly during the colder months. In this respect you’ll have to activate your lawn mower more frequently.
  • Presence Of Fertilizer. The more nitrogen fertilizer, the more the grass grows.
  • How You Water. Grass doesn’t grow as much if you water less. Of course, grasses need to be watered regularly in the warmer months, so you’ll have to mow more often then.

At the very least, you’ll need to schedule a weekly mowing session to keep your lawn in tip-top shape. An even cut presents a great-looking lawn. These are not just aesthetically pleasing, but the grass will be in shape to withstand sweltering summer months and prevent the formation of pesky weeds.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Mower

The first Hustler mowing equipment was created to fill in a basic need of being able to mow uneven lawns while riding. It navigated lawns easily with its zero turning radius, which incidentally was the first zero-turn mower to appear in the market. Hustler went on to become a leading brand of zero turn mowers, residential mowers, commercial mowers, golf course mowers and industrial-grade mowers all over the globe. The ultra heavy duty make has cemented its reputation for being hard working and tough. With Hustler lawn mowers, you can gain three key benefits:

  • Save Valuable Time. Count on Hustler mowing products to make your lawn mowing an easy, painless affair. The added time and effort it takes to maneuver and turn is gone. The adequate mowing power is provided without any compromise. You can mow the lawn quickly and still have time to spend time with family and good friends.
  • Save Money. Hustler lawn equipment are a good investment for lawn mowing companies and homeowners looking for the best lawn mowers in the market. The price tag is reasonable. You can be sure that each Hustler product will provide immense value for money in terms of usefulness, quality and reliability.
  • Optimal Lawn Care. You can’t have a beautiful lawn without the proper care and the proper lawn equipment. For homeowners and lawn mowing services who need single or multiple lawn mowers for an occasion, for homes and commercial spaces, there’s a Hustler lawn mower that fits exactly what they need. Taking care of your lawn presents fantastic returns, such as an amazing-looking lawn and healthy grass.

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