Mowers For Sale Stephenville TXSince its first arrival in the market, mowers have been of great use to homeowners in maintaining
their yards and gardens. They are indeed time-saving. From 70cm to more than a meter, these mowers for can trim a wide swathe of lawn or grass.

If you have a very large yard or a small patch of grass, you will surely find a mower that best matches your needs and budget. Most mowers models look like a smaller version of tractors. The modern day mowers come with automatic transmission and many other cool features.

There are important things to consider when choosing Mowers for sale in Stephenville TX.

When planning to purchase a lawn mower for your landscape, there are a good number of factors you should to consider if you want to make the right choice. They include:

1. The size of your lawn.

Yeah, this matters while selecting your mower. Check the cutting width of your mower. Usually, mowers with more powerful engines and a wider cutting patch can help you mow a large landscape in lesser time. Do take into account the type of landscape – whether it is flat, uneven or sloppy. If the area of your yard is something less than 1/2 acre, a push lawn mower can be a better alternative.

2. The transmission technology.

Mowers come in three types of transmission systems – manual transmission, automatic transmission as well as hydrostatic transmission. If you want a ride-on mower with manual transmission, it will let you drive the machine using a set of different speed ranges. A riding mower with an automatic transmission lets you change speed using the gas pedal.

Alternatively, a mower with a hydrostatic transmission system in-place works similar to an automatic one but the only difference is it makes use of fluids to transfer power from the engine to the wheels instead of belts; they offer smoother drive and need less maintenance. Riding mowers with hydraulic transmission will last longer than other two types of riding mowers, making them best value for money.

3. The type of grass.

If you choose mowers that can side-discharge the clippings of grass back on the lawn as you drive further, it can be of great use when the grass in your yard is high or coarse. You can bind all clippings together and get rid of them easily when you are done with your mowing session. At Hendershot of Stephenville TX, you will also find bagger-capable mowers – the mowers that collect cut grass in a separate bag preventing the spread of weed seed. These mowers can also be used for cleaning the yard of leaves. When the bag is full, you need to empty it and you can resume your mowing session.

Some mowers work on the concept of grass-mulching. They mulch clippings of the grass providing the landscape some nutrition source. If you find time to regularly mow your yard or garden, certainly the grass won’t grow tall. In such case, mowers with a mulching capability make a right choice.

4. The weight of the mower.

If you prefer a push lawn mower, it is very important that you take your time and find the most lightweight lawn mowers you can when searching the Stephenville TX area. The lesser the weight, the easier they are when pushing around. A lightweight mower can make the work so much easier and faster compared to using a heavier one. This will also ease your maneuvering; especially for lawns that have smaller trails and detailed landscapes to trim.

5. Features and specifications.

Learn about all features and specifications of the mowers for sale in Stephenville TX. If you are not sure where to start, here are a list of important features to look at:

· Engine horsepower

· Engine torque

· Speed

· Cutting width

· Bagger and mulching features

· Cruise control

Lastly, it’s important to test the mower before purchasing it. This can help you detect any faults on the machine early on. Find out if it comes with any attachment that you need to buy separately. You should also discuss the maintenance needs of the mower before you take one to your home. Hope this information will help you choose a right riding mower for your needs.

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