If you’re working on a temporary project, a JCB mini backhoe for rent can help with trenching, digging, grading and back filling. For occasional use, rental equipment can be more cost effective depending on your project. At Hendershot Equipment, our expert staff can assist with all of your  rental equipment needsJCB Mini Backhoe for rent

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The model you choose will depend on the project you want to accomplish. Here are the different types of JCB equipment available for rent at the dealership:

JCB 3CX Mini Backhoe

This is a general construction machine that combines superior strength, comfort, and exceptional serviceability. Thus, it’s an essential asset for large fleets and smaller operations. Also, the 3CX boasts a powerful 63kw engine that delivers a fuel saving of up to 16%.

The backhoe gives maximum dig depth of 4.24m and a shovel capacity of 1.1m cubed. More interestingly, this model does not compromise on quality. The body is made of heavy-duty steel which provides protection from abrasive materials like rock.

JCB 205T Backhoe Loader

The 205T is the master of every job. Plus, you’ll find it comes with tough structure that gives it an unassailable advantage over the competition. Perhaps, the most notable feature is the spacious cabin design which gives best-in-class comfort. In addition, JCB is powered by a turbo-charged ecoMAX engine to give better performance in dusty conditions. As well, it has excellent power (62HP) and fuel efficiency.

JCB mini backhoe for rent

The 6-in-1 front shovel gives extraordinary loader capacity. Just like other high-end backhoes, this machine gives high traction forces. It comes with a shovel capacity of 1.1 cubic meters and has a maximum loader capacity of 3889kg.

JCB 8018 CTS Compact Excavator

The CTS is an extremely robust machine that offers best-in-class performance. In addition, it boasts of exceptional strength and superb reliability. This model gives a maximum dig depth of 2.8m and has an operating weight of 1030kg.

The body is made of 100% steel for ultimate durability. In terms of power, this equipment comes with an inter-cooled JCB diesel engine which delivers up to 109 HP. Better still, it has easy-to-use controls to maximize the operator’s productivity. Other features include:

  • O-ring face sealing technology
  • Wide opening service panels
  • Protected hoses to minimize damage
  • Low hood profile for optimal visibility

JCB 8035 ZTS Compact Excavator

This model comes with a turbocharged engine that delivers up to 109HP. What’s more, the undercarriage design prevents debris from entering the front part of the machine. In addition, to ensure the engine does not stress, this model features cleaver weight distribution.

Plus, JCB 8035 boasts of 500-hour service intervals and a large fuel tank for longer working hours. Additionally, the seating position is fully adjustable while the cab is separated from the slewing frame to minimize vibration.  Also, this model can give maximum depth of 10.5-inches and dump height of 3.5m.

Once you visit the dealership, the Hendershot Equipment staff will assist you to find the best rental backhoe that suits your project applications. Therefore, since the above machines are great for all sorts of general construction, you’ll want to talk to our staff to get the right equipment for your project.

A JCB mini backhoe for rent can meet your temporary project needs without breaking your budget.

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