Did you ever wonder, “Where can I find Kioti tractors near me?” Hendershot Equipment, known for excellent customer service, expert staff and high quality equipment is your local Kioti tractor dealer. Around Texas, folks depend on Kioti tractors to be superior machines to get any job done.  Kioti tractors near me

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Kioti tractors are suitable for all types of agricultural jobs such as dirt digging and carrying hay. If you’re looking for a top notch dealer, then Hendershot Equipment, with offices in both Stephenville and Decatur, TX is the place to go.

These machines are powerful, efficient and comfortable enough to allow you to complete any farm work with ease. Below are some of the top models from this brand which you may consider:

Kioti tractors near meKioti CK3510 HST

This is an efficient hydrostatic transmission tractor that delivers up to 34.9 horsepower when in full operation. The engine is also EPA Final Tier 4 compliant, meaning it emits far less CO2 to the environment and has low carbon footprint in contrast to other tractors.

As for the cab, it’s spacious and features front window swings that provide sufficient ventilation, plus the locks also open and close with only a pair of retractable openers that also have a solid feel. Furthermore, there’s a heater right inside the tractor which can keep you warm during cold weather.


The NX5010 HST is comes with a 50 horsepower engine and triple range hydrostatic transmission system that delivers a lifting capacity of 1441kg. While in motion it can achieve a top speed of up to 16 mph, which is ideal for completing large scale farm work quickly.

Furthermore, unlike other tractors that are only used for digging, NX5010 HST is multifunctional and can be fitted with accessories such as rear pull-style snow thrower, lifting arms and excavators which greatly enhance the machine’s performance. Other interesting features of this tractor include:

  • Wet multi-disc brakes
  • Independent PTO Type
  • 1,826 cc displacement capacity
  • 56 liters fuel-tank capacity

Kioti RX6620 Powershuttle

It’s a modern and elegant Kioti tractor that’s fitted with Common Rail Diesel Engine (CRDI) technology, which delivers maximum fuel conservancy while also reducing noise pollution. Despite being powerful, the engine operates smoothly and quietly for a comfortable working experience.

Furthermore, Kioti RX6620 includes a power steering that reduces the amount of effort needed to make sharp, continuous turns. This steering’s design will turn automatically with just a single touch of the lever, thus providing convenient adjustment to suit the operator’s demands.

Likewise, this is among the few tractors with deluxe suspension seats which enhance rider comfort, regardless of the type of job that you are doing. With just a single push of the button, you can adjust your sitting position accordingly for maximum comfort.

To summarize, Kioti tractors are highly advance machines that have a design for top-notch performance, and also include comfort and practicality. Check out Hendershot for quality sales, service, parts and finance departments

When you say to yourself, where are Kioti tractors near me? Look no further than Hendershot Equipment for the best dealership.

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