Polaris ATV models are versatile multi-passenger vehicles with a design to tackle the toughest terrains. As a result, whether your need is for work or fun, the various models will get you where you’re going. For those seeking adventurous outdoor experiences, these machines will deliver unbeatable off-road fun. Here are the various types of models available at Hendershot Equipment in Stephenville TX.

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Here is some helpful information to learn about the Polaris ATV models:

Polaris ATV models

Benefits of buying ATVs locally

So, you plan to invest in an ATV. Good choice. But should you shop online or walk straight to the local dealership? Here are the benefits of buying an ATV from a local dealer.

Quick turnaround time

When you walk to the local dealer, you can close the deal in one hour. And if you have good negotiating skills, you can get the best price. This is different from shopping online where you get a quote with limited or no negotiation.

ATV Selection

Whether you’re looking for a machine for work or recreation, you have a wide selection of ATV vehicles to choose from. You’ll also get lots of information about those models on special offer. Some dealers will offer warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

Peace of mind
Most local dealers offer after-sales-service, so you don’t have to worry if the ATV develops a mechanical problem when on the go. And as you take the ATV for a test drive, you should ask all the questions and make sure you have all the records available.

If your credit records are clean, the local dealer can offer financing options that suit you best. Once you confirm everything is in order, you can drive the ATV at home or have it driven.

Polaris Sportsman X2 570 Sage

This machine gives you the traction and performance you need to handle tough jobs. It features the best-in-class suspension system and has 11.25” ground clearance. No matter the ground you ride on, you can dominate any obstacles. Other specifications include:

  • A massive towing capacity of 1,225
  • A payload capacity of 705 lb.
  • Rear dump capacity of 400 lb.
  • Standard EPS
  • Powerful 44 horsepower

Polaris ATV models

Polaris Sportsman 570 Full-Size Utility edition (Red)

The 570 model delivers a smooth-riding performance and a legendary sports experience. It features an independent rear suspension system to conquer the toughest terrain. And thanks to the unique handling, this machine can navigate tight corners with ease. Additionally, this ATV comes with all-wheel drive, so it can ride over the rocks without stopping. Besides that, you get 485 payload capacity and 1500lb towing capacity.

Polaris Sportsman 570 Touring Blue

This is the best-selling automatic model that boasts of legendary handling and epic riding. It comes with a 9.5” rear suspension system to conquer tough terrain and navigate obstacles. Secondly, this machine gives 11” obstacle ground clearance and engaging all-wheel drive.

Polaris Sportsman ATV can tackle any task with confidence. It has 485lb. payload capacity and 270lb rear rack capacity. This off-road vehicle can suit every kind of adventure.

Whenever adventure calls, there’s an ATV that can make the world more exciting. If you’re looking for a machine for recreation, you should consider the ground clearance, fine-tuned engine, and maneuverability. If it’s for work, you should look for utility-based features like payload capacity and horsepower.



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