Looking for Polaris maintenance in Stephenville TX?  You’re in luck, Hendershot Equipment has top notch trained equipment service technicians.  Whether you’re working, hunting or playing, riding a Polaris is one of those fun activities that gives an adrenaline rush. But before you hit the trail, you’ll want your machine running its best. Read on to learn about Polaris maintenance and service Stephenville TX.    Polaris maintenance

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Crucial Polaris maintenance tips


The most important fluid in a Polaris is the oil. As you know, it keeps it running in optimal condition. If you want to enjoy a ride in cold temperatures, you should buy a coolant/antifreeze to protect your off-roader from extreme temperatures. Keeping the oil clean should be a priority.

Air filters

The performance of your engine relies on the air filters. Since they help to optimize engine performance, you should fine-tune them every few days. Additionally, if you’ll be riding in a dusty area, you can use filter skins for protection.

Braking system

The braking system of your Polaris could save your life in case you need a quick stop. If the brakes bite, you should check their status. However, failing to maintain the brakes can cause them to dampen your momentum in corners. A typical brake job requires the installation of:

  • Calipers
  • Pads
  • Rotors
  • Master cylinder


If you want the most control as you ride, you should ensure the bars and grips are in good working condition. Likewise, the dealer will advise you on the grips that give the best traction and control. This however, can be a safety concern as well.

Suspension lubrication

Polaris arms have bushings and bearings. You should replace the worn-out swing arms and grease the entire system. However, if you’re not sure of the part to replace or lubricate, you should seek help from a technician.

Polaris maintenancePolaris parts

The best Polaris parts will keep your machine running in top-notch condition. A reputable dealer will provide you with all the replacement parts you need. Some of the parts available at the dealership include:

Brake lines and cylinder

The brake lines can be the perfect upgrade to improve the performance of your Polaris. Generally, brake lines and cylinders are made of materials that can withstand the toughest abuse. Additionally, they feature the perfect combination of lightweight and durability. The right brake lines and cylinder will help in:

  • Responsiveness
  • Handling
  • Expansion

Rear rack and fenders

The racks are the most creative and functional parts of your bike. On the other hand, fenders protect your Polaris from splashes and can be used to carry your gear. The way the fenders are fitted will determine the capacity of the Polaris.

Front bumper

Adding a front bumper to your Polaris helps to enhance the durability of your off-roader. You can choose a style that adds protection. Additionally, a quality bumper will protect your vehicle from trees, rocks, and any other thing that may compromise the look of your ride.


The best Polaris doors give a comfortable environment and improve visibility. You can choose a door with a minimal frame design, or you can go for doors that create a fully sealed cab environment. The dealership can provide you with doors that are nearly impervious to scratching and those that give optimal ventilation.

If you want to keep your Polaris in excellent condition, you should use the right replacement parts. Keep in mind that servicing and maintaining your off-road vehicle regularly will eliminate the need for avoidable repairs.

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