Equipment rental in Stephenville TX is available with many options from which to choose. At Hendershot Equipment, we can supply your business with an excavator, skid steer, backhoe, trencher, auger, and the list goes on. As you’ll see below, renting equipment can save your business money as well as time and headaches! With no initial cost, no maintenance, storage or depreciation issues, you may find equipment rental Stephenville TX fits you well!  equipment rental Stephenville TX

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Equipment rental in a changing economy can prove beneficial

There is a growing need to find ways of saving money where possible when the economy is changing. Because construction companies operate in an extremely unpredictable market environment, they sometimes need to be creative.  Therefore, one of these ways is to rent construction equipment in comparison to buying new equipment. In most cases, renting construction equipment is a viable option. Furthermore, it allows a company the ability to minimize operation costs, thereby running a more financially stable business. 

Renting construction equipment comes with several benefits worth considering. Each may depend on the company’s future prospects as well as current financial situation.

Here are a few advantages of equipment rental vs. purchase:

  • Equipment Storage
  • No Upfront Cost
  • Repair and Maintenance Costs
  • No Depreciation of Equipment

Equipment Storage 

Leasing construction equipment solves equipment storage problems. Since improper storage of equipment means that they will depreciate at a faster rate. Additionally, storage space or warehouse costs are extremely high which will also result in more costs. Companies may negotiate with their suppliers or vendors regarding the duration of the rental. Hence there is no inconvenience associated with long-term storage. 

No Upfront Cost

Buying a brand new piece of construction equipment is a huge investment that impacts heavily on a company’s budget. Besides being a long term investment, a purchase will tie you down to specific equipment items. Additionally, purchasing new construction equipment is associated with upfront costs that can be avoided by leasing or renting equipment. Thus, renting ensures that businesses are able to allocate their financial resources to other areas where they may be needed.

Repair and Maintenance Costs

As much as rental construction equipment still needs some repair and maintenance, having your own equipment means that the costs of repair and maintenance are quite high. Thus renting significantly can lower these costs. Additionally, construction machinery require regular maintenance for them to operate safely and optimally. Accordingly, renting also eliminates the labor costs associated with repairs and maintenance of construction equipment. 

No Depreciation with Equipment Rental in Stephenville TX

Owning construction equipment for a long time exposes the businesses to depreciation costs. Especially, since the value of the equipment continues to depreciate with time. Additionally, recovering the cost of the initial investment thus becomes difficult but renting equipment helps companies to avoid depreciation issues. For instance, the rental of a skid steer is much lower than a purchase plus you can just return it when the project ends.

Some examples of construction equipment available for rental include the following:

Looking to minimize your investment and keep your financial flexibility? Whereas, a purchase can set you back financially you’ll find with equipment rental, you keep your cash. Additionally, with renting, you just use it as you need and then return it. Therefore, no extra out of pocket expenses.

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