Excavator for Rent Decatur TXAn excavator is an expensive investment. Are you starting a construction business in which you’ll require an excavator, but you do not have the cash to purchase your own? Don’t worry because you can hire an excavator for your construction project.

As you look for a excavator for rent in Stephenville, TX, remember that most of them are used equipment which may have sustained damages during previous projects. Therefore, it’s imperative to be diligent and cautious when selecting the right equipment for your earth-moving tasks.

To help you understand the concept of excavator rentals, let’s look at four crucial things that you should consider before making your final decision:

  • Operational Guidance
  • Insurance
  • Licensing
  • Mechanical Breakdown Procedure

1. Operational Guidance

You should find out whether the excavator hire company or the select dealer will provide you with an experienced operator to guide you in the proper operational and safety requirements of the equipment.

Some companies and dealers that assume you have a skilled operator to operate the excavator, while others will provide you one of their engineers, who can visit your worksite and supervise the excavator operation.

But, if you choose to use the operator of the company, you’ll pay an extra fee that’s separate from the cost to rent the equipment. It may be worth it because having one of the excavator hire company’s personnel at your site can assist ensure the safety of your workers, and avoid improper use which can damage the excavator.

2. Insurance

Like cranes, excavators are pieces of heavy machinery which can cause injury and property damage if not used properly. While most excavator hire companies or dealers are required to have liability insurance for any equipment they rent, this insurance doesn’t protect you or your worker if you damage the equipment during the rental period.

That means you’ll either have to get damage insurance from a different insurer or obtain that insurance from the excavator dealer if they provide it. Most excavator companies won’t allow you to rent their equipment without damage insurance since they have to protect their investment.

3. Licensing

It’s no longer a requirement for a dealer that rents an excavator to have a licensed operator. In the past, you or one of your workers would have been required to possess a class LE license, but that is no longer a strict requirement in many states. However, it behooves you to have a skilled operator since you’ll be responsible for anything that goes wrong with that excavator.

4. Mechanical Breakdown Procedure

It is imperative that you know the exact procedure to follow if the excavator you rent stops working. Some excavator dealers will provide a replacement excavator (if available), but will not guarantee same-day delivery.

Other excavator hire dealers guarantee that they will replace the equipment the same day should you encounter any mechanical breakdown with the machine. Typically, this means that the dealer contracts with others in Stephenville, TX on the excavator rentals to satisfy that guarantee.

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