Garden equipment rental at Decatur TX can be the best decision, depending on your need. Benefits of rental equipment can often outweigh the expense of a large purchase. Of course, depending on the amount of usage, the costs may vary. Importantly, as a gardener, you might be best to check out the huge equipment inventory at Hendershot Equipment. In particular, it can help you decide about garden rental equipment vs equipment purchase for your garden. garden equipment rental

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Whether you’re an avid or professional gardener, you need the right equipment to keep your farm in tip-top shape. Thus, the best garden equipment rental in Decatur TX will ensure you have the right tools to get the job done.

Here are the various garden equipment rental available at Hendershot equipment:

garden equipment rentalCASE 580N Backhoe

This machine comes with standard features that operators want. Firstly, for greater responsiveness around the job site, the backhoe features an optional power drive transmission. Secondly, it brings a versatile and efficient performance.

Purpose-built performance

The backhoe is equipped with heavy-duty loader arms and gives a lift capacity of 6500 lbs. What’s more, the exclusive center design helps to reduce material spilling. Additionally, this machine will help you achieve depths of 18 feet.


The adjustable twist rests and pilot controls allow the user to work more comfortably. Also, the fully integrated loader lets you shift without letting go of the wheel. Other quick specs include:

  • A cup holder
  • FOPS/ROPS protective canopy
  • Right-hand storage equipment
  • 2” retractable seat
  • Selective catalytic reduction
  • On-the-go electric 4WD control

garden equipment rentalJCB 3CX Backhoe Rental

The JCB model provides power and efficiency to work in small areas. It comes with a powerful Ecomax engine that delivers average fuel savings in extended periods. Besides, you can switch between 2WS and 4WS. But what makes this machine unique is the versatility- you can use it as a mini-excavator, forklift, dumper, or a wheeled loader.

This machine is easy to control thanks to the simple control switches. As you’ll see, it will also perform daily checks to ensure readiness and reliability.

garden equipment rentalVERMEER RTX150 Walk behind trencher

The RTX150 model offers stability at different temperatures. It’s powered by a 20HP Kohler engine and offers up to 20 degrees of traction. Furthermore, the steering system allows you to apply pressure. Even better, this model offers a zero-turning radius so it can rotate at a stationary position.

Here, another great feature is the rubber wheels for outstanding traction in rocky, soft, and muddy conditions. If you’re using the machine in unfavorable ground conditions, the high-track mount design will minimize ground disturbance.

Benefits of renting equipment

  • No repair costs
  • Minimizes your equipment fleet

When you have big projects on the go, you need the right equipment. Plus, at Hendershot dealership offers a variety of equipment to get your job done faster and smarter. 

No repair costs

Most rental equipment rental dealers provide heavy-serviced equipment. However, it’s their responsibility to ensure they are in top-notch condition. When you rent, you’ll avoid costs like:

  • Buying tools to perform the maintenance
  • Technician labor costs
  • Leasing workshop space to perform the repairs
  • Managing equipment records
  • Scheduling preventive maintenance

Minimizes your equipment fleet

When you expand your agricultural business, you’ll need more equipment. So, having the option to rent equipment will give you the option to access different machines to fulfill your short-term goals. Additionally, a good rental shop will give you more options without having to expand your fleet. In brief, here are benefits of renting are:

  • You’ll have the right equipment for the job
  • Flexibility to support your demand
  • Low disposal costs
  • No depreciation cost

As long as you have the right equipment and attachments, you can be sure your farm operations will run smoothly.

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