At Hendershot Equipment, we are a leading supplier of rental equipment around the Dallas Fort Worth Area. For both residential and commercial use, a huge inventory of rental equipment is available. Additionally, our expert staff is ready Monday – Friday 7:30AM – 5:30PM to take you through deciding whether rental or purchase best fits your current need.  rental equipment Dallas Fort Worth

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There are various types of tools and equipment available at the dealership such as excavators, boom lifts, backhoes, air compressors and more. Below are specs and features for some of the popular rental equipment you can find at Hendershot Equipment:

rental equipment Dallas Fort WorthJCB 3CX Backhoe

It’s a high-class backhoe loader that comes with a set of top-mounted excavator joystick pedals, comfort cab, suspension seats, and armrests. Plus, an A12V power outlet that can be used to charge digital components that you may have such as your phone.


This earth moving backhoe has a power capacity of 74 hp, which is sufficient for delivering peak performance and torque even at reduced engine speeds. Its EcoMAX engine also ensures fuel efficiency, greater responsiveness and remarkable performance. Furthermore, the engine also doesn’t require any diesel engine fluid (DEF), fuel residue filter or motor after-treatment like other backhoes often do.

rental equipment Dallas Fort WorthMEC 1930 Scissor Lift

The MEC 1930 is a special mechanical vehicle with a railed podium that can lift upwards. It typically moves in a vertical manner with the help of an “X-shaped” panto-graph folding mechanism.

As you see, the main purpose of this equipment is to help contractors access high sections of a building. This allows for convenient transport of materials for construction, repairs or renovations. Moreover, its greatest advantage is that it provides more elevation than a standard ladder. Additionally, it is also secure and very fast. Other outstanding aspects of the machine include:

  • Operates quietly and smoothly
  • Narrow width that can accommodate typical doorways and tight aisles
  • Immense work platform that can fit up to 1,250lbs of material
  • 4-wheel drive for maximum stability and ground clearance
  • Electric drive option helps to reduce operating costs

Gehl Z35 Compact Excavator

Gehl Z35 is a reliable, powerful and low-carbon emission excavator with a design to handle the most jobs with ease. It features a modern design which gives the machine a higher ground level reach, whereas the base dig depth also requires minimal machine positioning in order to execute commands. Other important aspects of this excavator include:

  • Maximum reach of 17′ 3’’
  • Weight capacity of 7905 lbs
  • 4226 lbs digging force

To summarize, Hendershot Equipment offers the Dallas Fort Worth area a variety of rental equipment that can be used to perform various construction and agricultural tasks. These rental tools can help you complete any project that you have affordably, without having to buy the entire equipment. 

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