Looking for Tractors for Rent Stephenville TX?

Sometimes you need a tractor and don’t have the right equipment on hand. The equipment on hand may not meet the performance criteria or the one you have may be outdated. Tractors for rent Stephenville TX are the perfect option for farmers in need of reliable equipment.

How does a tractor rental agreement work?

A rental agreement works much like any other vehicle rental agreement. The tractor rental agreement starts as soon as the tractor is driven off the lot. All of the rental period is paid for upfront before the tractor is turned over to the renter. Any damage to the equipment is the responsibility of the renter. The wear and tear on the tractors for rent is considered to be a part of the rental agreement. If the equipment is returned with excess dirt and requires intense cleaning, fees will be assessed to the renter.

What are the advantages of renting a tractor?

Tractors for Rent Stephenville TXIt may not be feasible to spend tens of thousands of dollars to purchase equipment upfront. In this case, a tractor rental may be more financially feasible. If the need for a tractor is short term, making a large investment in a piece of equipment may not be ideal. The rental option gives you the opportunity to rent a tractor only for as long as needed. Long-term, you may have already allocated a certain part of your budget toward fleet maintenance. By renting a tractor, you don’t have to factor in wear and tear since the addition to your fleet is only temporary. New generation equipment technologies are constantly being introduced to the industry. Renting a tractor guarantees access to the very latest tractor equipment available on the market.

Important Things to Know About Renting a Tractor

There are some additional considerations in renting a tractor. If you are planning to use the tractor more than 40 hours a week, you may be on the hook for fees. This is because the rates are assigned with a standard 40-hour week timeframe. Any usage beyond that point is considered to be overtime, and it would be wise to factor any forecasted usage before entering such a rental agreement. Some agreement calculate overtime at 1/8 of the daily rate while others charge up to two times the rate depending on the usage.

A tractor rental is a good option for short-term projects or in cases where it is not financially feasible to purchase the desired equipment. Although most rental agreements are straightforward, it is imperative that you fully understand the overtime rates as they could affect your budget.

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