Fuel trailers are designed to haul a variety of products like refined petroleum, crude oil, jet fuel, to mention a few. However, this can be an overwhelming experience for first-time buyers. But don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s look at the types of fuel trailers in Decatur Texas dealership.  fuel trailers

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Thunder Creek 620 Multi-tank fuel trailer

This trailer boasts of 115-gallon tanks that are attached to a pumping system. It features an exclusive 2-in-1 DEF pumping system that works with a 100-gallon DEF delivery system. This can bring savings in many forms like the elimination of labor fees, taxes on-road fuel, and costs associated with buying diesel in large volume. What’s more, the fuel trailer comes with a rear utility box. Other features include:

  • A standard jack
  • Electric valve manifold
  • 12V pump
  • Self-adjusting brakes
  • Adjustable ball hitch
  • Pressure dust control system
  • Digital fuel meter

fuel trailersThunder Creek 690 Multi-tank fuel trailer

This fuel tank features 115-gallon tanks. On the front enclosure, you can connect a 100-gallon DEF system. And because it’s a closed system, you can be sure there’s no contamination of fuel. Even better, if you use this trailer, you don’t have to carry the HAZMAT endorsement. Of course, the modular design means you can add more options with time.


Other features worth mentioning include:

  • A hydraulic jack
  • Analog meter – G3
  • Solar battery charger
  • Rock guard – G3

Helpful tips when using a fuel trailer

Fuel trailers come with many features, and you have an extensive list of options to choose from. If you want to realize a return on investment, you should pay attention to:

Safety and compliance

Before you purchase a fuel trailer, you have to follow a few safety guidelines. Since the legislation depends on the state, you should keep tabs on the regulations set in place. For instance, any fuel trailer should be free from `bunding’ in case of rupture or leakage.

Storage life of the fuel

Let’s face it: fuel will deteriorate when exposed to different environmental conditions. So, before you make your investment decision, you should understand the limits when it comes to bulk delivery. The truth is, using old fuel reduces the efficiency of the engine and increases the overall costs in the long-run.

As the diesel gets older, it forms gums as a result of a reaction between oxygen and the diesel components. And if the fuel has gums, it can result in soot deposits on injectors. Under normal conditions, diesel will stay in a usable condition for one year. To achieve this, you should maintain temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius, but no higher than 30 degrees Celsius.

Fuel quality

While this is an area that is often ignored, it will determine the engine life to a greater extent. Since water and dust are the main factors that contribute to fuel quality, you should pay attention to the filtration process. With this in mind, you should not keep summer fuel for the winter season. To ensure the fuel is of good quality, you should get in touch with the suppliers.

Fuel Trailers Available in Decatur Texas and Stephenville, TX

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